Profile of the Organization

Sevashram is a registered NGO / Non-profit organization based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The main focus of Sevashram, right from it's inception has been providing Care and Support to the Old Aged people ( or Geriatric Care ).


Many young people in India are migrating to different cities either within India or abroad to pursue further education or in pursuit of their careers, leaving behind their old aged parents at home. The number of such families where all the children have left and only the old parents staying at home is increasing day by day. This phenomenon is called "the empty nests".


The situation of the old parents staying alone at home becomes more vulnerable if the old people face health issues. To offer Care and Support to such vulnerable old people, a few friends came up with an idea for  a service –oriented non –profitable organization ‘Sevashram’ in 1992.


Sevashram was founded in the year 1994, January, at Deepthi Sri  Nagar Colony, near Chandanagar Rangareddy District, Andhra Pradesh, India. They started in a rental accommodation by taking five houses for rent with 10 members.


Smt. Bobba Vijayalakshmi & Mohan Rao garu have contributed one acre of land at Annaram, Jinnaram Mandal, Medak district, Andhra Pradesh, India, to Sevashram.


With the help of Government of Andhra Pradesh, India and other donors, a ground floor  building was  constructed, with a capacity to accommodate 20 old age persons.


Then after the construction of the building, in the year 2001, Sevashram shifted into the new premises.


Shri Kode Satyanarayana  has constructed the first floor of the building with the support of  Shri N.V.Rattaiah, Shri Yalamanchili  Shyambabu, Shri Yalamanchi Prakashrao, Shri Chalasani Shayojirao  and Shri A.R.Seshagirirao.


Now this total building can  accommodate  40 members.


Mantena Ramalingaraju garu (late), Tripuraneni Subrahmanyam garu (late), S.R.K.Murthi garu (late), Atluri Subbarao garu, S.Tukaram garu, Dr.CH.Vasanth Kumar garu, Mrs.Nina Manchand garu, Y.Arjunrao garu (late) and Mr.Srihari (late) all contributed  for the development of Sevashram.


The PAN Number of Sevashram is AABTS3462R.