Aims & Objectives

  1. To help needy aged ( any person of either sex above 60 years), irrespective of caste or creed
  2. For the above purpose and or in pursuance thereof to undertake, execute, support and assist any programme(s) or project(s) with no profit motive designed, to provide –
    • Food, shelter and clothing for needy aged
    • Medical care and other activities like Yoga and physical exercises to improve the health of the Ashramites
    • Educational & recreational facilities to the aged and provide facilities for them to lead a religious & meditative life
  3. To promote National Integration and Unity of the Country
  4. To promote self confidence and spirit of self reliance among the Ashramites to enable them to acquire necessary skills and guide them to achieve excellence in their fields of activity.
  5. To publish books, newspapers, journals, brouchers, pamphlets etc., to achieve the objectives of Sevashram
  6. To establish Model School providing education upto 10th Class to the children of the poor and economically backward communities around the area, including training in other crafts, enabling them to earn their livelihood after they leave the school and prove to be better citizens
  7. To encourage the Ashramites to actively participate in the social services which may be sponsored for the upliftment of villages, even by accepting aid from National & International Philanthropic Agencies
  8. To encourage Ashramites in maintaining agriculture and Diary farm within the Sevashram
  9. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives or any of them.